Driven by the success of its highlight industry news article featuring Khadem Al Qubaisi, the online business magazine is to pivot its editorial strategy to encourage traffic further


New Corner, the “relaxed business magazine” is blowing its first candle and celebrating one year of reviews, analyses and reports on industry news and international business. Founded by ex-journalist Parker Robinson, the magazine started out as a small team project but has now grown to include a large number of regular contributors and aims at growing its readership even further by rethinking its editorial line.


“We are pivoting slightly and reevaluating our choice in topics in order to be more in line with what our audience likes to read about” stated Parker Robinson. “We have noticed a huge difference in traffic between our new tech section and our industry thought leadership articles that focus on the experience of real leaders, such as Khadem Al Qubaisi, and we will be moving more and more towards this type of content”.


This article featuring Khadem Al Qubaisi looks at the importance of having a vision when investing in large projects using real examples and has proven to be a winner for New Corner, getting twice as much traffic as any other article previously published. New Corner will capitalise on this success and keep going in that direction moving forwards.